Seasonal Artisan Beers

Rich, dark and malty. Complex malt flavours predominate in this Scottish classic.

4.7% ABV

A beer of contradictions, like a pale ale with roasted flavours. 

4.5% ABV

Rich, robust and dark, sweet malt and subtle roasted notes. 

4.9% ABV

From this amber classic, Yul B. Stunned by the citrus shots of hops and machismo.

4.3% ABV

Refreshing golden ale with subtle fruit and citrus flavours and a spicy finish.

4.8% ABV

Dark, chestnut brown with tastes of roast coffee beans, chocolate and an appealing dryness. 

4.8% ABV

A red beer with a slightly spicy taste and a rounded smooth finish.

4.6% ABV

A light, refreshing pale beer with citrus and floral notes.
3.8% ABV

Lightly hopped, full bodied and dark brown in colour and character. 

5% ABV

Big, bold American hops give this beer all the mouth watering citrus and pine flavours.
4.4% ABV

Lager malt and European hops combine to create this lager style beer.

3.9% ABV

A Pale ale using only Willamette hops giving floral, fruity, earthy and spicy flavours. 
4.5% ABV

Powerful American hops give this pale ale floral and citrus notes. 
4.3% ABV

A light, quaffable summer ale to drink with friends.

3.6% ABV

A Pale Ale using only El Dorado hops giving it fruity, tropical flavours. 

4.4% ABV

A golden beer, with the zest of oranges and grapefruit in the aroma. 

6% ABV

Reddish amber beer which starts sweet and then follows a lingering spicy smokiness. 

4.6% ABV

A winter warmer with chocolate and malty flavours and a sweet fruity edge. 

4.5% ABV

A proper traditional IPA, with English hop varieties giving moreish and earthy bitterness and aroma. 
5.9% ABV