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Core Beers

Pheasantry Best Bitter voted Champion Bitter of Britain in 2015. Well balanced copper coloured beer with fruity highlights and a hoppy finish.
3.8% ABV


A light slightly dry modern pale ale. Thirst quenching, a touch of vanilla with a subtle floral aroma.
4.0% ABV


Traditional bitterness with English hops Fuggles, First Gold and Progress. Slovenian aroma hops and a hint of caramel. 
4.1% ABV


Smooth, soft and satisfying. Malty flavours, balanced bitterness, velvety texture.
4.2% ABV

A classic English amber ale. Malty, hoppy, soft and moorish. Designed to raise money for the Lincoln Tank Memorial.
4.2% ABV


Bright golden orange with a pungent punch and an expeditious use of the citra hop. A bold but balanced beer.
4.5% ABV



The palest golden beer packed with peachy, exotic fruit flavours. Dangerously drinkable!
5% ABV


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